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We are proud to announce the completion of our merger and the official listing date of TILT Holdings Inc., scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 6th, on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the ticker symbol “TILT”.

When we first announced our planned merger in the Spring of 2018, it was with a singular vision: to bring together the best and most complementary cannabis companies in the U.S. and Canada to become the technology and infrastructure platform that can support the rapid growth of the cannabis industry. While there is more opportunity within our industry than there ever has been, significant cultural and legal changes persist, continuing to make it very challenging to be a cannabis business owner.

Our goal is to change that.

Many vertically-integrated cannabis companies are focused on operating retail stores as a way to reach consumers.  TILT is different. We broadly support the businesses serving patients and consumers by providing everything from capital to best-in-class technology, forward-thinking R&D and products.  We believe that no other player is better positioned to usher in the next stage of the cannabis industry than we are.

With the public trading about to commence, TILT has the incremental capital and equity currency to accelerate its rapid expansion.  We have a pipeline of opportunities that will improve our platform, broaden our capabilities and further differentiate our business model.

The founders’ professional careers and personal passions have guided the company’s successes to this point.  This broad base of backgrounds includes capital markets and private equity, manufacturing and distribution, software and services and science.  This multitude of skill sets allows us to acquire and develop valuable products and services which can scale with the industry and deliver the highest quality solutions to both businesses and consumers.  Together, we share a vision for a cannabis industry that is inclusively committed to supporting business owners of diverse backgrounds.

We are extremely optimistic about the company, the market and our competitive position.  The rate of change is something that no one could have anticipated but has enabled us to expand faster and raise greater levels of capital.  After the midterm elections, 33 states have cannabis laws, 10 of which allow for full adult-use. Adult-use in Massachusetts formally rolled out over the last week.  Polling data also shows widespread support for cannabis legalization, with nearly the entire country supporting medical use and almost 70 percent adult-use. While capital and execution are still the most important components driving TILT’s growth and success, we see new opportunities every day and are mindful of delivering superior products and services to cannabis business owners while delivering superior returns to our shareholders.

Alex Coleman
Chairman and CEO of TILT