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TILT Inclusion Program



Helping support license holders across the country through financial and operational support

About the Program

TILT’s Inclusion Program empowers and supports license holders in legalized cannabis markets. The Program is designed to help support those individuals that have been disproportionately punished by cannabis laws in the past, including the Controlled Substances Act.

Helping communities move beyond socially-constructed barriers and historical stigmas, the TILT Inclusion Program supports cannabis license holders, regardless of age, culture, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability, race, religion, size, or socioeconomic status. The Program provides various levels of support across the needs of the business including application development, cultivation infrastructure, software and services, talent management, and capital investment.

Featured Program Applicants

“It’s important that the cannabis ownership landscape is a reflection of the state’s diverse population, and it’s great that TILT is deliberate in their inclusion efforts to ensure that groups that have historically been excluded are proactively included in ownership and operation. I am excited for Verdant to participate in the Program and I am looking forward to working with TILT to identify others who can benefit from this opportunity to be set up and supported for success.”

- Tito Jackson

Verdant Medical

“TILT is the only institution I’ve encountered that is eager to lend capital to minorities. TILT provides a solution for under-capitalized license holders to become successful business owners well beyond the money they extend. Through the implementation of technology, tools, and resources, guided by people with great track records, TILT provides a roadmap for success that otherwise wouldn’t be available.”

- Seun Adedeji

Elev8 Cannabis

Interested in the Program?

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