Four pillars stand strong alone but together, we shift the paradigm for seed to sale innovation.

Earth’s Most Customer Centric Cannabis Company


Providing solutions through Technology, Infrastructure, Innovation and Knowledge.



TILT Holdings enables businesses the opportunity to interact, communicate and operate with a greater degree of efficiency with their patients and consumers.

Due to the conflict between federal and state law, the industry still faces numerous challenges that are impeding the ability of businesses to effectively deliver products and services to a large and growing demand base. TILT maintains competencies across the entire spectrum of the industry, from vertically integrated operations to cutting edge genetics and CRM systems, all supported by robust data-driven insights.  

While a portion of our revenue is derived from our own proprietary operations, our emphasis is to enable businesses the ability to successfully evolve and meet the needs of a rapidly growing market.



TILT Holdings is the synthesis between four vertical-leading companies, already operating with unprecedented results for the cannabis industry: Briteside, Baker Technologies, Sea Hunter Therapeutics and Sante Veritas Holdings:



Briteside is the fastest and most cost-effective prefabricated modular construction company, building state of the art cultivation and production facilities. Briteside is based out of Bend, Oregon and provides unmatched time to market for new cultivation units across the USA.


Baker technologies

The cannabis industry’s largest software company, Baker helps dispensaries generate more revenue and build relationships with their customers through a variety of products featuring online ordering, customer loyalty, messaging, and analytics. The company has raised nearly $12 million in capital and works with over 1,000 dispensaries in 24 states and Canada.


SEA HUNTER Therapeutics

Sea Hunter Therapeutics is a leading source of capital and management expertise for the cannabis industry based out of Boston. The company has raised over $125 million and has vertical operations in multiple limited-license markets.


Sante Veritas HOLDINGS

SVH is one of the few licensed producers in Canada that has a developed facility and robust portfolio of wholesale contracts.


our mission



together, we support and elevate businesses so they can compete at the forefront of a growing industry.