Please be aware that some individuals posing as representatives of TILT may in fact not be representatives of TILT and are not authorized to communicate on TILT's behalf. An email coming from the domain can confirm that an individual is a representative of TILT.


Third parties not authorized by or connected to Tilt Holdings Inc. (“TILT”) may circulate fictitious employment announcements or employment and other solicitations online. The purpose of these fake announcements is to obtain confidential information from individuals, or to induce people to pay a fee for services claimed to be necessary for recruitment or training purposes or materials.  TILT takes such fraudulent activity seriously, and one of the ways to combat these scams is to educate our community.  The following provides information on how to determine whether something you see is actually from TILT or instead is a counterfeit or otherwise fraudulent communication. 

How to Recognize Fraudulent Postings and Communications 

Any and all genuine TILT job opportunities, as well as any and all requirements associated with such jobs, are announced on the TILT website located at  Please check the authenticity of any opening there.  If the identical opportunity is not present on our site, the communication referencing the opportunity is fraudulent.

Perhaps even more importantly, TILT will never require you to pay any fees of any kind, including any kind of “training fees” or otherwise, in connection with an application for employment or the employment itself.  Any solicitation purporting to be regarding employment at TILT that asks you to pay anything, purchase anything, or provide any account information is necessarily fraudulent.

Any communication that is sent from TILT is only sent from our registered domain name No communication will be sent to any clients or consumers from, or on behalf, of an individual director or shareholder. Any and all commercial activities undertaken by TILT will be effected through the legal entity, Tilt Holdings Inc., or any of its subsidiaries, and not in an individual’s capacity, or through an individual’s bank account. Under no circumstances should any money be transferred to any individual or entity, without having first conducted due diligence on the recipient of those funds.  Again, TILT will not request money or account information from you, and certainly not through email or a social media solicitation.

TILT has been made aware that individuals purporting to act as, or on behalf of, TILT have posted information and/or emailed proposing employment relationships, business ventures, and other potential relationships with TILT.  These cyber approaches, conducted via social media platforms (e.g., LinkedIn and Facebook) and email, would appear to be intended to defraud individuals in order to obtain their confidential information to take their money. Such fraudulent, phishing, and spam communications may include red flags such as, but not limited to the following: 

  1. The email is not sent from the domain name.
  2. The email is sent from a domain with a similar name to our registered account, but with slight differences (e.g., or the address ends with domains like,, or 
  3. The email requests payment of a transaction fee or other fee of any kind.
  4. The email requests account information (e.g., account numbers, usernames, passwords, etc.)
  5. The source cannot be verified.
  6. The information provided does not appear on TILT’s website.

What to Do if You Suspect a Posting or Communication is Fraudulent

We would advise all individuals who interact with any entities to ensure that they are communicating with the legitimate and authorized representative of the entity and pay careful attention to any communication received.  This includes your communications that you believe are with TILT.  If you receive what you believe is a virus, phishing, spam or fraudulent communication from any individual purporting to represent TILT, or to verify any such communication, please email us at, forwarding the suspect communication with complete header information.

More information about safeguarding against such scams can be found on the Federal Trade Commission’s website at and elsewhere.

TILT does not tolerate criminal or other unlawful activity in any form.  Neither TILT nor its employees can accept any responsibility for the criminal conduct of a third party, and neither TILT nor its employees shall be liable for any loss or inconvenience resulting from communication with persons or activities not actually authorized by TILT.