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Commitments and Contingencies

Commitments and Contingencies
9 Months Ended
Sep. 30, 2023
Commitments and Contingencies  
Commitments and Contingencies

18. Commitments and Contingencies


One of the Company’s subsidiaries is a guarantor to a lease agreement of a Massachusetts dispensary to which the Company has also extended the Teneo Fund SPVi LLC note, as discussed in the Form 10-K. The Company may be liable for the future minimum rental payments under this lease if the dispensary defaults as follows:

Year ended December 31,



Remainder of 2023











2028 and thereafter






The Company has been named as a defendant in several legal actions and is subject to various risks and contingencies arising in the normal course of business. Management is of the opinion that the outcome of these uncertainties will not have a material adverse effect on the Company’s financial position.

On February 2, 2021, the Haze Corp., Nevada (“Haze NV”) filed a complaint in Clark County, Nevada’s Eighth Judicial District Court against Brand Canna Growth Partners, Inc. (“BCGP”), Michael Orr, Santé Veritas Holdings, Inc. (“SVH”) and Santé Veritas Therapeutics Inc. (“SVT”). As explained below, Haze NV later amended its complaint to name a second plaintiff, the Haze Corp., Ontario (“Haze Ontario,” and together with Haze NV, the “Plaintiffs”). SVH and SVT are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Company. In the operative complaint, Plaintiffs allege that Haze Ontario entered into a Finder’s Fee Agreement with BCGP in 2017 and under that agreement Haze Ontario is owed payments for acquisitions that it facilitated. Plaintiffs further allege that Haze Ontario assigned its rights to payment under the Finder’s Fee Agreement to Haze NV. Plaintiffs allege that BCGP is influenced and governed by SVH and SVT because they had the same principal, defendant Michael Orr, and SVH and SVT are liable for BCGP’s or Orr’s obligations under the Finders’ Fee Agreement. SVT and SVH moved for dismissal. On May 13, 2021, the court granted the motion without prejudice. On May 17, 2021, Haze NV moved for leave to amend its complaint, adding Haze Ontario as a plaintiff and again naming SVT and SVH as defendants. That motion to amend was granted by the court on June 29, 2021. SVT and SVH again moved to dismiss on July 23, 2021. On August 10, 2021, Plaintiffs again moved to amend, seeking to add TILT Holdings Inc. (“TILT”) and TILT Holdings US, Inc. (“TILT US” and, collectively with SVT, SVH and TILT, the “TILT Parties”) as defendants. On October 7, 2021, the motions to dismiss were denied without prejudice and the court ordered the parties to participate in limited jurisdictional discovery before entertaining renewed motions to dismiss. Upon the closing of the limited jurisdictional discovery period, the TILT Parties moved to dismiss on April 19, 2023. By order dated August 29, 2023, the court granted the TILT Parties’ motion to dismiss due to lack of personal jurisdiction. The Plaintiffs filed a notice of appeal on September 8, 2023.